The Antidote for Buyers

Container Loading Check

.....supervision during container loading to ensure that the finished and packed goods meet your specifications.

During Production Inspection

.....a visual check on the quality of components, materials & finished products during manufacturing.

Defect Sorting Inspection

....piece by piece sorting of goods, metal detection & re packing of goods for customers of high end goods

Sample check & Performance test

.....tests samples for workmanship & product functions relevant to your specifications  

Pre Production  Inspection happens when the evaluation of new supplier is completed and right before the beginning of mass production. Will check quality production resources, etc. 

Final Random Inspection

.....a detailed visual inspection of samples selected at random to check that the quality, quantity and packaging conform to your samples and specifications.

Factory Audit

....ensures the factory adheres to local and international labor laws; checks the factory’s capabilities, production planning,  management and operating procedures.

Full Inspection

....when the merchandise is 100% completed, we will check the quality of goods unit by unit, which covers product description, style & color, workmanship, quality, function, label, package, size, etc..   

Simple, All-inclusive Pricing of US$100 per Man Day*
*for the 1st day, remaining days @ US$50 per Man Day. Prices are negotiable only for more Man days.

Our all inclusive pricing covers our fees, traveling, conveyance, accommodation, over time, all and everything...!!! Our first time Customers should pay in advance upon booking and once you are in our Customer list, you may choose to pay as per our monthly invoice, also.